Genie Card Anti hi-jack Immobilizer

Carrying the card in/out of the effective range will disarm/arm the immobilizer respectively.

Product range
Genie Card DI - armed once the door is opend.
Genie Card S - armed once speed is 0 km/h (dead stop).


 Biometric Finger-Print ID device

The newest Biometric finger-print touch -N-drive device is designed to meet the automotive environment.

Could interface with most SPETROTEC immobilizers and alarm systems to perform an ultimate anti-theft package.

Fleet Managment

The New Electronic Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system may appear complicated to those looking at the subject
for the first time. Therefore, this information will help you understand how the system works so you can choose the system best suited for your needs.
The control center is a PC based operation that sends requests for information and operating commands to the vehicle on the road.
The return message includes location, speed, direction and many other details
which are stored in the control center database.
Other information stored in the control center are alarms triggered by the systems in the vehicles.
The information can be sent to the customers cell phone if requested.
All the information stored in the database will be analyzed according to the customers needs.
Reports and alarms will be sent upon request.   

The system's main parts are : (view demo)

1. The control center

    Tracking - Sends messages to the vehicles and receives information
    regarding their location and status of the systems in the vehicle.                 
    Alarms - Receives alarms from the vehicle with information regarding  location of the

    vehicle (Geo fence), vehicle systems alarm or alarm from security system.
    Control - Activates and deactivates systems in the vehicle via SMS.                    
    Reports - Analyzes and sends various reports regarding the fleetbeing tracked.  

2. The monitoring system installed in the vehicle (BigWatcher)

    Provides information regarding location using internal GPS (Global Positioning System).
    Sends alarms using internal Modem to the Control Center and/or cell phone.
    Activates units and systems in the vehicle according to messages received from control

    center or cell phone.

3. The Alarm system (Thunder)

    Protect the vehicle.
    Sends alarm via BigWatcher.
    Activates systems, siren and lights according to command from BigWatcher.

4. The drivers cell phone functions:

    Receives alarms and messages from the vehicle and the control center.
    Activates systems in the vehicle (Panic siren, remote starting) using SMS.

The abilities and the applications are unlimited, and the system can be a real asset to your company if it is used and configured properly.

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